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Synge, Nicholas

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Synge, Victor Millington

Synge, Victor Millington (1893–1976), physician and professor of medicine, was born 5 September 1893 at 15 Upper Leeson St., Dublin, son of Edward Synge, land agent, of Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, and Ellen Frances Synge. He was a nephew of the playwright…

Synnott, Nicholas Joseph

Synnott, Nicholas Joseph (1856–1920), barrister and banker, was born 10 April 1856, second and eldest surviving son among six sons and two daughters of Thomas Synnott, corn merchant, of Glenageary, Co. Dublin, and his first wife, Catherine Maria (d. 1862), daughter of Timothy…

Synnott, Thomas Lambert

Synnott, Thomas Lambert (1810–97), workhouse guardian and prison governor, was born probably in Dublin, eldest son of Thomas Sinnott, vintner, of 59–61 Barrack St., Dublin. Though there is evidence his father belonged to the Church of Ireland, Synnott was brought up Roman catholic…