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Browne, O'Donel Thornley Dodwell

Browne, O'Donel Thornley Dodwell (1903–52), gynaecologist, was born 10 April 1903 in Naas, Co. Kildare, son of O'Donel Henry Dodwell Browne, medical doctor, and Grace Lizzie Browne (née Glover). He was educated at Mourne Grange, Campbell College, and…

Byrne, John Francis

Byrne, John Francis (1880–1960), journalist, writer, and university friend of James Joyce (qv), was born 11 February 1880 at 25 East Essex Street, Dublin, youngest child of Mathew Byrne (d. 1883), a shopkeeper, and…

Cullen, Mary Teresa

Cullen, Mary Teresa (1866–1940), nun and founder of the magazine Virgo Potens, was born 27 August 1866, fourth child of Hugh Cullen, of Liverpool, and Elizabeth Cullen (née Leonard), of Co. Meath. She was the grand-niece of Cardinal

Cummins, Iris Ashley

Cummins, Iris Ashley (1894–1968), engineer and hockey player, was born 6 June 1894 in Woodville, Glanmire, Co. Cork, daughter of William Edward Ashley Cummins, professor of medicine at UCC, and Jane Cummins (née Hall) of Cork. Of her…