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Brown, William

Brown, William (1777–1857), merchant captain and first admiral-in-chief of the Argentine navy, was born 22 June 1777 in Foxford, Co. Mayo. (John De Courcy Ireland has suggested that Brown was the extramarital son of a Roman catholic woman from Foxford and George Browne (c.

Bulfin, Éamonn (Edmond)

Bulfin, Éamonn (Edmond) (1892–1968), republican activist and civil servant, was born in Buenos Aires on 22 September 1892, the eldest of five children of the journalist William Bulfin (qv), editor of the Southern Cross, and his…

Greene, Juan Nassau

Greene, Juan Nassau (1918–79), farmer and medical doctor, was born 19 September 1918 in Argentina, third son and fifth child of John Nassau Greene (1890–1973), native of Kilkea, Castledermot, Co. Kildare, and Annie Kathleen Greene (née Jackson) (1888/9–1973), third daughter of…